St. Lucia: A Travel Blog Part 2

Continuing on from part one of this St Lucia travel blog…

Day 4

Our fourth day, it was a little more relaxing, we had one hotel inspection of Coco Palm, which is a few minutes’ walk to the shops of Rodney Bay. This is the most authentic hotel that we visited in St Lucia, where they décor has a very Caribbean feel to it. I wouldn’t recommend to families but it is great for couples.

Once the hotel inspection was over, we joined up with the other Grand Fam group and set sail on the Catamaran Cruise, where were spent a few hours with drinks, snacks, music, dancing and a bit of sun.

Day 5

We checked out of the Harbour Club and moved on to our next hotel St James Morgan Bay, where staff here welcome you with drinks and snacks as guests come to check in or coming back after a day of activities. This is another hotel that offers a host full of beachfront fun and relaxation for all ages.

I stayed in a Beach Access Room where I was 2 steps away from the beach. This hotel has 6 distinct restaurant, and 5 bars (one of which is located in Hilltop and is Adults Only), also my favourite place where I spent at least twice a day, was the Choc Bay Cafe, where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, hot or cold and they mini little cakes or pasties. The hotel is in the middle of renovating each of the rooms and once they are done they will be amazing.

Our next hotel visit was Windjammer Landings, tucked in to lush hillsides, that features spacious and secluded villas that offer access to powdery white sand. We saw a Three Bedroom Villa that can fit up to 8 people; these stunning villas are located up in the hills for beautiful views, private pool and the service of a dedicated chef that will cook all meals for guests.


We then arrived to Babonneau, for our next activity, the zip lining adventure, which I chickened out and opted for another activity, which allowed me to be safely tucked in to a cage where we were transported up in to mountains for a tour of the rainforest from above.

Day 6

The next day we went to visit the 3 out of 4 of the Bay Garden Resorts. My favourite was the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, which has recently been renovated and so the rooms look fresh, and has direct access to the beach. Here, they have the Splash Island Waterpark which a large inflatable course floating above water which I could not join in as I can’t swim.

In the evening, we enjoyed a very special dinner hosted at The Landings, part of the Elegant Hotels chain. The staff there was amazing and they even made a lovely cocktail made with chocolate and Guinness, two ingredients where I never thought would go together but it did, and it was delicious.

After Dinner, we went to the famous Gros Islet party, where locals and tourists come together in the streets to have the biggest street party! After our jam packed itinerary from the week, most of us managed 2 hours and then went back to the hotel to sleep for another early morning start.

Day 7

On the penultimate of our FAM trip, we went to visit The Body Holiday which is dedicated to the guests’ well-being. This is a great hotel for anyone who would like to detox, soothe the senses and restore spirit. The renowned wellness centre is voted as one of the best spas, where we were all able to enjoy a 50 minute relaxing massage each. We also got to enjoy lunch straight after, where the food is all organically sourced and amazing.


Next on the agenda was the Segway tour, which I was completely terrified about as I thought it would be unstable or I wouldn’t be able to stop. The agency we went with were absolutely brilliant as they were very patient until every single one of us were comfortable before we set off on a our tour. This activity has surprised as I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much but I was wrong, and this was one of my favourite activities from our whole itinerary! Segway’s are a great way to travel around I would definitely highly recommend trying one.


Day 8

On the final day, we only had a few hours to ourselves to enjoy St James and then we made our way back to the UK on one of the new Virgin airplanes.

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