Famous Scenes from the Silver Screen!

Although the famous “Hollywood” sign and studio tours make for excellent photo opportunities, Los Angeles is not the only destination where you can experience thrilling sights from silver-screen movies. For this blog, we are talking about famous movie sites to tick off of your bucket lists!


Jaws – Martha’s Vineyard, USA

First up, is the film responsible for giving us all a touch of anxiety when swimming. Steven Spielberg’s legendary shark attack movie was filmed in this beautiful and authentically American town in Massachusetts. You may also recognise the region from US TV shows such as, Family Guy and Sabrina.


Inception – Nijo Castle – Kyoto, Japan

Based within a less chaotic area of Japan’s cultural capital, this historic castle is the film site for a scene or two in the (rather complicated) film, Inception. What’s more, this beautiful Japanese landmark offers day-tours and picture worthy, manicured gardens.


Pretty Woman – Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, USA

O.K. this one IS in Los Angeles but is too good to leave out. Strut down the streets of Beverley Hills wearing sunglasses and a large sun hat for the ultimate bucket-list cross off. After all, not taking the opportunity is a “Big mistake. HUGE”!


Ghostbusters – New York City, USA

Queue the theme song! The city that never sleeps has hosted a wide variety of movies over the years but this is a family classic. Visit the Hook and Ladder 8 Fire Station in Tribeca for a glimpse of the headquarters of everyone’s favourite parapsychologists!


Forrest Gump – Savannah, Georgia, USA

When this movie comes on, there is not a dry-eye in the house. Make your way to Chippewah Square with a box of chocolates to have your own moment at the most legendary bus stop in show business. The bench used in the film however, is now in the Savannah History Museum so you may need to find alternative seating if you wish to tell some stories to strangers.


The Dark Knight Rises – Mehrangarh Fort, Jodphur, Rajasthan

Admit it, after breaking his back, we all thought Bruce Wayne was never going to escape the underground prison and once again put on his mask to become Batman. He sure did though! Those dark scenes where we see a young Bane escape his tragic upbringing were all filmed in this incredible yet eerie fort.


Inspired? Whether you’re a Julia Roberts in the making or want to sit on a park bench in Georgia wearing a check shirt (we won’t judge), place an enquiry today! Your moment in the spotlight is waiting for you…



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