Where to Visit in Kyoto, Japan

Known as the “Cultural Capital” of Japan, Kyoto once served as the country’s capital and residence of the Emperor between the years of 794 & 1868. Nowadays, Kyoto has the reputation of being the go-to city for traditional experiences and some of the country’s finest cuisine!

To help make your holiday to this fabulous city one to remember, we have comprised a list of some of our favourite places and activities for a truly enchanting visit. Read on to learn about our recommended sights in Kyoto…


Supposedly constructed in the year 808, this street is one of the most well-preserved and celebrated cultural hotspots in Kyoto. The traditional buildings make the perfect hosts for small retailers and cafes, ranging from jewellery makers and souvenirs to shops owned by multiple generations! The crown jewel of this street is the well-photographed Yasaka Pagoda which gives Sannenzaka its distinctive skyline.

Gion Corner

If you ask where to find Geisha or “Maiko”, meaning “apprentice Geisha” applicable to this region, people will likely respond with “Gion Corner”. Located on the edge of a large river, you are likely to see many tourists, both Japanese and International, wearing traditional attire in this area. For a truly authentic experience, consider arranging a private or group evening meal whilst being entertained by highly-trained Geisha.

Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion)

Based in northern Kyoto, this temple is extravagantly covered in gold leaf, giving it a striking appearance in all seasons. In the early 1400’s this site served as a retirement residence of the shogun before becoming a Zen temple after his death. With a slightly unfortunate history, this stunning attraction has been rebuilt multiple times over the years, most recently in 1955 following a fire. However, the structure that stands today is quite incredible, making for some fantastic holiday photos.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

This cultural attraction is famous around the world for its enchanting appearance. Made up of thousands of torii gates, the long and winding forest paths of this site glow red, making for an unforgettable experience. Located closely to the path is an incredible shrine with a rich history dating back to 711, earning this religious site a classification of Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Wander underneath the swaying green poles or be taken on a thrilling carriage ride through this widely-photographed nature area. This captivating site is truly worth visiting, offering a fully-immersive experience underneath the canopies of shining bamboo. We do however recommend going on a sunny day as the paths can become quite muddy in the rain!

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