Barbados, get carried away in the Caribbean!

Barbados is the perfect getaway and has always been very popular with the English for several reasons. The friendly local people are very welcoming and the location will make all your holiday pictures look like they have been taken in paradise.
There are great rum shacks that you can visit or for a sober activity you could try watching a cricket match. Cricket is the national sport of Barbados and the West Indies and you can catch a great game nearly every day! Mullins Bay in Barbados is known for its great horse riding activities so if you fancy saddling up, make sure you don’t miss this, as it is a great way to see the picturesque beaches.
Another way to get to know Barbados is diving, it is one of the best places in the world to go diving and is a once in a life time experience. There are several types of reefs which all are different in their own little ways, and Barbados is ideal for year round diving.
Night time is meant for relaxing with local reggae music and friendly locals and there is a lot of live entertainment and with a fantastic variety or bars and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice and possibly never want to return home from the Caribbean!

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