Brits abroad ‘want Christmas traditions’

Although Brits may be willing to jet off to foreign shores at the first signs of cold weather, it seems we are not quite so willing to give up on home comforts and traditions.


A spokesperson for the Association of Independent Tour Operators said that in his experience, people who choose to go abroad over the Christmas period opt for destinations that can offer them a little bit of Britishness – although chances are he doesn’t mean Brussels sprouts and arguing over whether to watch the Queen’s Speech or play charades.


“The traditional favourite [is] the Caribbean … a lot people want to go there. [It has] great beaches and hotels and it still has a traditional British feel in many of the places as well. Even though we’re away from home, people still want the feeling of home,” the source said.


We’re not quite sure that the Caribbean bears much of a resemblance to Britain, particularly just now as the weather is wondering whether to rain, snow or both.


However, people do get together to exchange gifts and put up trees, so perhaps people choosing to escape there over the festive season may still be able to pull a cracker or two.


Would you go abroad for Christmas to escape the British winter, or does waking up to a cold, frosty morning epitomise the big day for you?


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