Game for a lion hunt?

Anyone keen on a spot of adventure during their holidays might be interested in an article written by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Robert Ure about his recent escapades on safari.


The intrepid explorer headed to Johannesburg for his trip, where he joined a group headed by a Zulu tracker to help find some of Africa’s most well-known creatures, including most of the real-life cast of The Lion King.


“There are usually two outings a day: the first at sunrise, the second in late afternoon. The routine on safari is to stay with the same guide on each drive. The vehicles do not have doors or roofs and it is possible to creep close to animals,” Mr Ure enthused.


And it seemed to work – the lucky visitor was able to spot hyenas, lions, rhinos and zebra. However, he seemed pleased that there was no sign of his arch nemeses, the Black Mamba.


Summing up his experience on the last night, Mr Ure said: “I sip on my G and T and chew on South Africa’s favourite cured salty meat, biltong, while the sunset throws hues of yellow and orange across the grassy plains.”


When can we leave for the airport?


Earlier this month, we reported how people on holidays in South Africa are combining the safari trip with the chance to have medical procedures or treatments.

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