Snow suit? Check. Goggles? Check. Insurance … ?

With thoughts turning to winter holidays again, the more adventurous among us may be thinking of ski breaks rather than sun breaks.


But is seems that people going on luxury holidays to winter sports resorts may be forgetting one vital piece of kit – their insurance.


Insurance firm esure has found that while people are determined to escape onto the pistes, a growing number may be reacting to the credit crunch by not buying a travel insurance policy.


The company’s Mike Pickard warns that this could be a potentially disastrous mistake, since the chance of injury is probably higher when whizzing down a ski slope than it would be when lying on a beach somewhere.


“Any winter sports holiday – no matter how long the trip or how close to home – comes with a certain element of risk.  It’s crucial to ensure you’re fully covered if you have an accident on the slopes,” he warned the 18 per cent of people who say they intend to accidentally on purpose forget to buy insurance.


Mr Pickard added that medical and rescue services may not be equal in all parts of the world, making a comprehensive policy even more important.


The Guardian recommended earlier this month that getting fit either by joining the gym, doing hill walking or practising pre-ski exercises before heading off on holiday, could minimise the risk of injury on the slopes.


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