The world is our oyster…

People are becoming more adventurous in their choice of holiday destination, with most now seeing destinations that were once considered as only for the rich and famous as de rigeur.


This is according to a source from the Association of Independent Tour Operators, who pointed out a trend noted by many experts in recent times – that our wide world seems to be becoming a global village.


“The world is becoming a smaller place and becoming more accessible. People are more aware of what’s available now – it’s not the end of Earth like it used to be,” the source remarked.


His view seems to be shared by many Brits – the Office for National Statistic found that ten million people went on trips to luxury destinations that were not in either the US or Europe in the 12 months to August 2008.


Luxury Travel magazine editor Alison Cook recently said that people thinking about booking holidays to Thailand should not be put off by its backpacker image, since it now appeals to a wide range of audiences, including those on their honeymoon.


A wide range of accommodation is available in the south Asian country, ranging from £2.50 a night hostels to five-star eco-tourism resorts.


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