Why not hire an island for your wedding?

If you’re among the couples who have dreamt of a wedding abroad, but then discounted it at the thought of having to wed among throngs of half-term holidaymakers, you may want to think again.


Another possibility that would eliminate this would be to hire out your own island, it has been suggested.


Although this may sound like the prerogative of people like Paris Hilton only, Ionian Wedings says it is actually an affordable option, especially among the Greek Islands.


The company points out that for around £1,475, couples can hire a small place like Cameo Island – just off the coast of Zante – and can then cross over to the mainland for the party afterwards.


This is quite a saving, since it includes the photos, the flowers, the champagne and the cake!


“The Greek islands are becoming an increasingly popular destination for UK couples marrying abroad as the cost of UK weddings are becoming more and more prohibitive for many couples,” said a company spokesperson.


A study by easier.com recently found that 57 per cent of Brits would get married abroad to solve family arguments or to cut costs.


Is this something you’d consider? As usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the section below.

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