Barbados ‘the place at the end of the rainbow’

The Caribbean destination of Barbados has been recommended to Brits looking for luxury holidays.


Mirror columnist Sue Carroll recently took a break there with her husband and said that it is idyllic.


However, she also said something that may interest those partial to a bit of showbiz – that Barbados is excellent for celebrity spotting from December until March.


In fact, she said, tourists are rarely more than ten minutes away from one on the island, although the level of their fame may vary.


Ms Carroll saw Middlesborough Football Club manager Gareth Southgate, for example, but more A-list personalities such as Renee Zellwegger have previously been sighted.


The travel writer also said the island’s beaches, spicy fried flying fish and rum are not to be missed, nor is a ride on the noisy reggae bus.


“If there really is a magical place at the end of the rainbow – then it surely must be Barbados,” Ms Carroll concluded.


Barbados is well-developed and offers a wide range of world-class accommodation, including a number of five-star resorts.


The dry season runs from December to May and temperatures are moderate tropical – check out for more information.


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