Cutting carbon footprints ‘industry’s responsibility’

We’ve all seen the TV adverts showing us how we could cut our carbon footprints by turning down the heating or not leaving things on standby.


But how much are Brits willing to sacrifice or make changes to in order to be more green? And is it our responsibility?


New research has found that the majority of people still intend to fly as they would have done in any other year, despite the government’s green revolution.


A poll by Camcon Technology found that while 74 per cent of travellers said they are worried about climate change, most did not see why it should affect their travel plans, with only 22 per cent saying they are going to avoid flying.


However, 77 per cent said they would be happier if airlines would make more effort to introduce more environmentally-friendly planes.


Spokesperson for Camcon Danny Chapchal said: “The UK population is evidently concerned about the environment but, rather than altering their travelling habits, people expect airline operators and aircraft manufacturers to reduce aviation’s environmental impact.”


In August, Tom Hall, editor of the popular Lonely Planet travel guides, said that British will continue to book holidays despite the fact that money may be tighter than usual thanks to rising fuel and utility prices.


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