Don’t cough up – lighten up!

If you’ve ever suffered the inconvenience of putting your suitcase on the scales at check-in, only to find that it is what seems like several tonnes too heavy and that you must pay excess baggage charges, you may be interested in a new campaign by Unite.


The trade union launched the initiative today (November 10th) at Manchester and Heathrow airports, which aims to get people going on their holidays to weigh their cases before they leave the house and to cut their weight down to 23kg.


It points out that even by cutting the load of their baggage down by a few kilograms, passengers could avoid charges, as well as helping to make air travel more green.


The campaign is called ‘Lighten Up’ and saw two of Britain’s strongest men take to the airports earlier to weigh people’s bags and get them to guess the weight as a promotion.


“Last minute charges levied at the departure gate for excess baggage can hit cash-conscious holidaymakers hard. ‘Lighten up’. Spend your money abroad, not getting there,” commented Unite national officer Steve Turner.


Virgin Atlantic was found to be among the most generous in terms of baggage allowances in a survey carried out by the Co-operative recently.

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