Don’t Cry For Me Argentina!

Argentina is located in South America it borders the South Atlantic Ocean between Chile and Uruguay. It is the second largest country in South America and the people are mainly Spanish or Italian extraction and the country has a fascinating history. It is an extremely beautiful place that would be difficult to cry over, unless you are leaving. To get the most out of travelling to Argentina, you can do the best of Argentina two week tour. It begins with 3 nights exploring Buenos Aires, on your fourth day you get to travel to the famous Iguassa Falls. Buenos Aires is the capital city which is contemporary, fast paced and full of life. On this trip you will be utterly wowed with private tours, safari boat rides and a visit to the tropical bird home. A trip to the enchanting town of Salta where you will then travel the north west of Argentina. By doing the two week tour you can sit back and relax whilst travelling to all the best places and seeing all the greatest sites. Luxury holidays such as this mean you will never feel rushed or stressed by trying to see all the sites. The people of Argentina are friendly and welcoming and have a love for football, food and partying! Perfectly timed and planned, you can sit back and relax making it the perfect Argentinean experience.

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