Enjoy an opulent safari break among the wadis

Anyone considering safari holidays this year or next could think about booking a trip to Dubai to undertake the experience.

Although the Emirate city is more commonly associated with luxury hotels, swimming pools, shopping centres and celebrities, Ian Scott, director of the government of Dubai’s department of tourism and commerce marketing, said that Dubai is ideal for this kind of trip.

In fact, he says, safaris are among the most popular holidays being booked by families at the moment, thanks to Dubai’s desert scenery.

Wadi-bashing (exploring the dry, sandy river beds) is one activity, while sandskiing is another – but pack long sleeved tops to avoid any nasty elbow injuries!

Mr Scott also recommends sleeping under the stars outside the city’s neon lights to get a real back to nature experience.

“The scope of activities and new developments is truly awe-inspiring and continues to entice a growing number of international visitors on family holidays,” he concluded.

M&S Money recently said that sales of Dubai’s currency, the Dirham, were at their highest levels ever in October as more people headed to the city on holidays.

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