Follow 007 on beautiful Jamaica

Fans of James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming may wish to take holidays to Jamaica to retrace the footsteps of the author, it has been suggested.


David Allen, a writer for the International Herald Tribune, recently did just that, hoping to catch a glimpse into Fleming’s inspiration as Bond-mania sweeps the globe following the release of Quantam of Solace.


The author and former British intelligence officer spent winters on Jamaica for nearly two decades and the island’s locations featured heavily in his book and later on, as locations for the films.


Mr Allen began his trip near Kingston, heading all over the island to look at sites connected with Fleming, including the Palisadoes, Port Maria, Morgan’s Harbour and Port Royal.


Both the airport and the Palisadoes have links to James Bond – a hotel there is where 007 stayed in The Man with the Golden Gun, while two films where shot on location close by.


So, what was Mr Allen’s opinion on Jamaica as a setting for Mr Bond and his Martinis, seductive women and fast cars?


“Beautiful and underdeveloped with enough exoticism, history and potential for danger to justify it as a backdrop for postwar espionage adventure,” he concluded.


Ian Fleming wrote 12 Bond novels, including Casino Royale and Goldfinger, as well as two collections of short stories about the spy.


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