Gap year holidays ‘still relevant’

Would-be adventurers should not put off gap year holidays because they are afraid or feel as though they would not be able to plan them well enough, an expert has said.

Penelope McEniry, author of the travel book Gap Year, pointed out in an article for the Age that they are no more dangerous than traditional holidays if done properly and that there are many resources which could help.

However, she acknowledged that those thinking of taking gap year holidays should not simply jump on a plane to anywhere with no set plans.

Ms McEniry recommends seeking out the details of activity programmes before booking and logging in with companies such as the Foreign Office before setting off, as well as looking for organised breaks if you feel nervous about planning your own.

Despite the amount of homework involved, the expert said she thinks someone who has been on a gap holiday will have the edge over someone who hasn’t.

“One of the main goals of a gap year is, I believe, to promote independence, resilience and self-reliance,” she commented.

According the a list recently compiled by the Telegraph, Australia is the top destination for gap year holidays thanks to its favourable exchange rate, lack of a language barrier and the fact that gap year travellers are well catered for in terms of accommodation.

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