Get ready for a romantic honeymoon, boys!

Footballers Joe Cole and Tommy Williams have a lot to look forward to once their respective partners come out of the jungle, if recent conversations on I’m a Celebrity are anything to go by.

Wag Carly Zucker, who is engaged to Cole, said she can’t wait to get back into his arms, while Nicola McLean – Williams’ squeeze – also said she is desperate to see her man.

However, both of the girls said they will try for babies when they go on their respective honeymoons, which could mean a very romantic break for both couples.

Zucker, a fitness instructor, said: “I’d like to be pregnant on the last day of the honeymoon so I can drink [beforehand] and then I’m going to go for it. I can’t wait to have his babies.”

Cole and Zucker are set to marry in June 2009.

Although they may be sick of Australia by the time they leave the jungle, the Wags could consider a tour down under with their men in order to see some romantic locations.

Nicole Kidman recently credited swimming in a waterfall in the Australian outback with contributing to her unexpected pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Sunday Rose in July.

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