Give something back on Thai holidays

Anyone interested in holidays which will allow them to bring back something more than a tan may be interested to hear about a new initiative in Thailand.


The Koh Yao Noi Homestay Club, a community-based scheme, allows tourists to stay in the actual homes of 25 participating families on the island, situated close to the tourist mecca of Bangkok.


Importantly, visitors can relax in the knowledge that their money goes straight back into the villages, letting them bring back a sense of pride as well as that all-important golden glow.


Bang Bao, the coordinator of the initiative, said: “About 80 per cent of your money is given directly to the host family. It can really make a lot of difference over a year.”


People joining in with the programme get a chance to see first-hand how the villagers live, accompanying them on fishing trip for crab and prawns, the main product the island exports.


They will also be lucky enough to eat home-cooked food and authentic Thai specialities more akin to five-star hotels than small village huts!


A spokesperson for the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently told the Telegraph that 835,000 people from the UK visited Thailand last year.


CNN reports that there are also a number of community projects in Phuket, which travellers can participate in.



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