Green honeymoons ‘are the future’

As we become more aware of the effect our actions may be having on our global footprint, many people are changing their ways in a bid to live a more sustainable life.

And it seems this includes making greener plans when it comes to honeymoons too.

The Economic Times of India reports that more couples are shunning decadent luxury on the most romantic holiday of their life, opting instead for eco-tourism and beach huts.

Seema Sabharwal, a honeymoon planner, told the newspaper: “Many [couples] are really trying to make responsible choices as they begin their lives together.”

Further evidence that the environment is becoming an important consideration for many people can be found in a recent survey by Brides magazine, which showed that 60 per cent of respondents thought it was important to be green when planning a wedding.

Anyone planning a honeymoon will be able to find a wide range of eco-tourism opportunities around the world, with notable examples in Thailand.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Swiss Air had predicted we will all be taking honeymoons in space within 100 years, thanks to advances in technology.

In the meantime, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Kenya are popular choices for loved-up newlyweds.

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