Holidaymakers ‘should definitely explore Mauritius’

Anyone going on holidays to Mauritius should ensure they take time out to explore the island, one source has said.

Claire Wrathall of the Financial Times said she went there last February and was surprised at the number of people who simply stayed by the pool at their hotel, missing out on all Mauritius has to offer outside.

She points out how the island acted as a muse for a number of famous writers including Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and Charles Darwin, all of whom were inspired by its natural beauty.

“Certainly the abundance, the variety, the omnipresence of vibrant, vivid colour is striking,” Ms Wrathall states, adding that the sea is a beautiful turquoise colour that turns into indigo over the coral reefs.

However, Twain summed it up in a more poetic manner when he wrote: “Rugged clusters of crags and peaks, green to their summits … What there is of Mauritius is beautiful.”

Jasper Gerard, writing for the Telegraph, also recently wrote that he enjoyed his holidays in Mauritius, saying that he found it to be accommodating, beautiful and diverse.

According to Discover Mauritius, the temperature on the island is likely to be around 22 degrees C in winter.

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