Holidays offer health benefits too

We’re all aware of the benefits that taking a couple of weeks off work to go on holiday can have on our moods – but it seems that taking a break at least once a year can offer benefits to our bodies as well.

Blogger from the Huffington Post John de Graaf draws our attention to the findings of recent research by the Framingham Heart Study.

This showed that women who take two holidays a year are eight times less likely to suffer from heart disease than those who do not manage to get away at all.

Meanwhile, incidences of depression doubled among women who did not take holidays when compared with women who did.

Mr de Graaf said he asked a doctor friend if he has seen evidence of this among his patients and was told that people are forgetting that they need to rest their minds and bodies.

“They are bouncing off the walls with stress. I ask them when their last [holiday] was. I tell them that before they consider medication or therapy they should take two weeks off. They come back and tell me how much better they feel,” the medic remarked.

Meanwhile, a recent study from American Express found that even Brits who do go on holiday spend time worrying.

Some 32 per cent stress about putting on weight from overindulging abroad and others report spending their time in foreign climes considering whether or not their partner still loves them.

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