Love conquers all – even the credit crunch

Although they may be feeling the stretch on their finances, it seems loved-up British couples do not plan to give up on taking romantic holidays together.


According to Andrea DeLucia, writer and editor of TravelSavvy, Venice in particular continues to be as popular as ever, despite the ongoing credit crunch.


“Venice is still one of the world’s most treasured holiday break destinations. Perhaps people are turning to romantic city breaks in places like Venice in order to escape the depressing news at home,” she suggested.


Some 20 million tourists visit Venice each year, including those on their honeymoon looking for a romantic ride on the gondolas.


Lonely Planet calls the city “achingly beautiful” and says that tourists may be forgiven for thinking they are on a film set.


Venice is actually made up of about 118 islands in a lagoon, which are linked by around 400 bridges.


In the old town at the centre, every form of transport is either on water via the canals or on foot.


A recent poll by found that women still expect chivalry even in this day and age – 84 per cent expect their partner to fork out for the full cost of their first mini-break away.

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