Safaris ‘are great for children’

Couples who want to take safari holidays but who are put off by the fact that they may not be suitable for their children should not worry and take the plunge, it has been suggested.


According to Leora Rothschild, who runs a safari-organising company in the US, they are not just for couples on their honeymoon or for adrenaline junkies, but can offer children an excellent learning experience too.


She said that whether holidaymakers are looking for a camping safari or one in which they stay in a luxury lodge, families can “reconnect through customised safaris in the awe-inspiring environment of the African bush”.


Ms Rothschild particularly recommends Kenya, where people on their holidays can stay at the Alfajiri Villas. The resort has extra facilities for children in case the adults need a break, including games, televisions and DVDs, the expert said.


Another source keen on safari holidays is the Sydney Morning Herald’s Robert Ure, who recently wrote about his recent trip to watch lions, rhinos and hyenas in South Africa.


He reported how the vehicles the guides used for the safaris do not have doors or roofs and how it is possible for lucky visitors to creep close to animals.

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