Shop around for policies, seek advice, Brits told

As winter approaches again, the thoughts of some lucky people may be turning towards their forthcoming ski holidays.


However, even for those heading out to five-star resorts, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association said that scrimping on travel insurance is not an option and that Britons should shop around if they want to save money.


Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive for the organisation, said that anyone confused by the vast array of policies firms will try to sell should seek the advice of an independent broker rather than bury their heads in the sand – or should that be the snow – about the issue.


“Prices can vary. Speak to your insurance broker, they will find you somebody who isn’t going to double the price. Don’t pay too much extra is probably my advice,” he urged.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also warns that costs in case of injury can be extremely high, with the price of an air ambulance running into thousands of pounds, depending on the distance from home.


Today’s comments echo a report last month, in which insurance provider esure found that 18 per cent of people will go on ski holidays without insurance this winter.



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