Strapped for cash after your wedding? Try a ‘mini-moon’!

With the cost of weddings on the increase – an average one costing around £20,000 at the last count – it may not come as a surprise that loved-up couples may struggle to afford the holiday of a lifetime in the form of their honeymoon straight afterwards.


So, as with many things in this current economic climate, they are improvising.


A new survey from esure has found that newlyweds no longer disappear for two weeks on a romantic honeymoon as soon as they leave the church – instead they are more likely to opt for a short break of two days or so, which the insurance company has dubbed a ‘mini-moon’.


A third of couples were found to be doing this, allowing them to get some time for just the two of them, while saving up for a great trip further down the line.


Some 21 per cent delayed their honeymoon for six months and ten per cent said they left it a year or more before jetting off.


Mike Pickard, head of travel insurance at esure, said: “There are clearly a lot of newlyweds wanting to use their honeymoon as the ultimate break away before they can truly settle down to married life.”


Last month, Ionian Weddings suggested hiring a Greek Island to get married abroad in order to save even more money on nuptials.

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