Tie up your loose ends, holiday Brits urged

Although it may be easy to forget home as you look forward to a break in the sun this winter, travellers have been urged not to leave their properties open to burglary when they jet off on holiday, especially when they go for long periods of time.

Darren Black, home insurance expert for Confused.com, said it doesn’t take too long to implement some simple measures to increase security and that it is surely preferable to having to replace valuables in the event of a break-in.

He recommended cancelling newspapers and milk so that the build-up does not alert criminals, as well as perhaps getting someone to move the car occasionally to give the impression that someone is there.

In addition, Mr Black urged those going on holiday not to advertise it via social networking sites, tempting as it may be to show off to friends about that dream trip.

“It is important for anyone flying south for winter, be it to do a bush tucker trial or just to catch up on some winter sun, to spend a couple of minutes ensuring that their nests are well and truly protected,” he concluded.

The Home Office states that houses with no security measures in place are ten times more likely to be burgled than those with such simple security measures as window locks and deadlocks.

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