Why not choose a Kruger luxury safari holiday?

Anyone with a passion for safari breaks, or who has never tried one before, may wish to book holidays to South Africa in time for a birthday celebration.

The Kruger National Park is 110 years old in 2009 and is still as beautiful and diverse as ever. More people are expected to take breaks to the park as its profile is raised during a year of awareness campaigns.

Being almost the size of wales, Kruger is the largest national park in the world, a record it has held since being opened by president Paul Kruger in 1899.

It is also home to a vast array of wildlife, including baboons, hyena, lions, elephants, wildebeast and rhinos, as well as 34 species of amphibian and 114 species of reptiles, Ramblers Worldwide reports.

In other recent safari news, Brook Wilkinson, writing for MSNBC.com, recently said that January is a good time to take such holidays because this is when there will most likely be animal babies to spot.

Also, a trip then would be an ideal break from the British winter cold, since the BBC says that temperatures in South Africa can reach 26 degrees C.

Leora Rothschild, who runs a safari-organising company in the US, recently pointed out that safaris are not just for couples on their honeymoon or for adrenaline junkies, but can offer children an excellent learning experience too.

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