Why not try ‘posh camping’ holidays?

Britons looking for cheap accommodation on their holidays should try ‘posh camping’, Frances Tuke, spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents, has suggested.

This is “the kind of camping where you get semi-permanent structures,” the expert pointed out, commenting that is it becoming increasingly popular in these times of economic difficulty.

Her comments follow a report in the National recently, which said that more people on holidays to Thailand are booking hostels as they look for better value for money on their holidays.

Anyone keen on such holidays may be interested in a recent article on CNN.com, which said there are a number of community projects in Phuket that travellers can participate in, staying in no-frills accommodation as part of their trip.

In addition, there is the Koh Yao Noi Homestay Club, a community-based scheme which allows tourists to stay in the actual homes of 25 participating families on the island and is situated close to the tourist mecca of Bangkok

However, travellers may still be able to get good value from hotels keen to attract customers – Konstanze Auernhemier of STR Global has said that they are cutting their prices all over the world to ensure that people continue to use them over any other form of accommodation.

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