Brits on holiday ‘are culture lovers, not yobs’

Although Britons abroad may be more infamous for their stereotype as a load of lager-swilling hooligans, new research seems to point out that this isn’t the case at all, thank you very much.

In fact, a poll carried out by Saga Insurance found that people from the UK are keen to try out new experiences when they go on holiday, most of which they may not have thought of attempting at home.

The most popular task was trying new food, with 55 per cent of holidaymakers saying they like doing this in foreign countries.

However, attempting extreme sports was also popular for one in ten brave Brits – as was skinny dipping for a surprisingly high 19 per cent.

You naughty lot, you!

Back on the straight and narrow, another ten per cent said they try out traditional clothing in their destination of choice, perhaps donning saris in order to embrace another culture.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga, commented: “It’s good to see that people enjoy themselves when abroad and embrace the local culture.”

Similarly, a recent poll by Heineken also found Britons to be culture vultures – 62 per cent of people said they find out more about other cultures while on their holidays, while 33 per cent of people reported slipping foreign words into their English sentences when they got home.

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