Gap year holidays increase among fed-up Brits

With the credit crunch still looming over us, many people are experiencing the misery of losing their jobs.

However, it seems they are getting over it in a pleasant way – by taking a gap year holiday.

According to the Times, has reported that many people are spending their redundancy pay on a year out, taking holidays all over the world while avoiding having to look for a new position in an already saturated market.

The amount of graduates heading on such trips – which used to be the preserve of rich kids at the end of their school careers – is also on the up, with people seeking to gain new skills on their travels so that they can stand out when they return.

Research released last month by non-profit body the Year Out Group found that South Africa rose from joint fourth place in 2006 to become the top gap year destination in 2007.

However, many people going on gap years also book flights to Australia, which is widely seen as one of the best destinations for such a trip.

The country is famed for its laid back lifestyle, beaches and outstanding scenery and paid work is available if necessary.

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