How to visit Montserrat more easily

Anyone holidaying on the Caribbean island of Antigua but wishing to go on a trip to its neighbour Montserrat may now find the task a little easier.

A new ferry service has been introduced for the island, which will run from Antigua at 07:00 local time every day except Sunday, returning at 17:30.

Those wishing to use the ferry need not be constrained for time either, since bookings do not need to be made in advance and tickets can simply be purchased from the departure point on the day of travel.

Montserrat shot into the public’s awareness in July 1995, when its Soufriere Hills volcano suddenly erupted, causing the evacuation of Plymouth, the island’s capital city.

However, the volcano is not currently dangerous and can now be viewed by tourists.

Montserrat also lures tourists thanks to its beautiful scenery, a spokesperson for its tourist board said.

“Montserrat attracts many special interest visitors, including hikers, birdwatchers, divers and snorkelers. It is also an ideal destination for those wanting a peaceful break,” the source commented.

Last month, the Toronto Star reported that the luxury hotels, the family-friendly atmosphere and the great food available make the Caribbean an ideal luxury holiday destination and suggested Antigua as a great place for scuba diving.

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