Mount Camdeboo ‘a unique safari holiday location’

Anyone looking for a good place to take a safari holiday could consider the Mount Camdeboo game reserve in South Africa’s Great Karoo region.

This is the recommendation of Guardian writer Pascal Wyse, who recently took a break there and seemed enchanted by the wealth of wildlife he spotted while out and about in the bush.

He wrote about witnessing buffalo, vervet monkeys, baboons, terrapins and boubou in their natural environment, assisted by guides who also play a role in the conservation of the area.

This is particularly important, since many of the animals sadly feature on endangered species lists, but can be helped here without being imprisoned and artificially managed.

In addition, the writer said he particularly enjoyed tracking cheetahs after seeing a mother with a little pack of cubs.

“I see what makes this location unique. Here, hugged by the Sneeuberg mountains, there is a pick-and-mix of habitats up to an altitude of 5,000ft. There is a feeling of being truly alone,” Mr Wyse commented.

Leora Rothschild, who runs a safari-organising company in the US, recently recommended safari holidays not just for couples on their honeymoon or for adrenaline junkies, but as an excellent learning experience for children too.

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