Oahu ‘offers so much to do’

The Pacific island of Oahu has been lauded by one travel writer as a top place to take a holiday.

Writing for the Epoch Times, W Gifford Jones said that he recently took his wife on a cruise to all the islands, but that Oahu comes top, even when it comes to the big island of Hawaii itself.

He said that this is partly because of Waikiki Beach – which he argues is much nicer than Miami Beach – but also because there are so many activities to take part in on the island.

“No other Hawaiian Island has so much to offer. You can stroll along Kalakaua Avenue and shop until you drop. Or wander into Honolulu and visit Iolani Palace,” Mr Jones commented.

And no trip to this part of the world would be complete without a trip to Oahu’s north shore to see the famous surfer dudes.

Finally, the expert said, tourists to Oahu should make sure they fit in a trip to Pearl Harbour, where they can take a helicopter ride over the exact route used by Japanese fighter planes when they attacked in 1941.

Oahu is also known as the Gathering Place and is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

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