The perfect chance to show off on New Zealand holidays

Anyone who has been on holidays to New Zealand and is keen on showing off about it may now have a better chance to do so, thanks to the implementation of new technology by the country’s tourist board.

From now until 30th April 2009, a mobile recording studio will tour New Zealand from Auckland to Cape Reinga, inviting visitors to pop in and record themselves talking about their favourite part of their holiday.

The clips will then be posted on social networking and internet video sites so that people can view them and perhaps get help planning their own trip to New Zealand.

John Key, prime minister and minister of tourism for the country, said: “This initiative is harnessing new technology in a way which will allow people to talk directly and immediately to those at home about their time in New Zealand.”

It is estimated that some 3,000 clips will be captured during the Have Your Say booth’s 19 weeks on the road.

New Zealand is consistently popular with British travellers, perhaps thanks to its diversity – tourists can see volcanoes, clear lakes and rainforests in a relatively small area, as well as being great for those who like outdoor pursuits such as climbing.

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