Watch out for Beckham on holidays in Dubai

Anyone heading over to Dubai at the end of December may wish to keep a lookout for a very famous face among all the bargain hunters and sun worshippers.

This is because David Beckham has announced on his website today (December 12th) that he is to join his adoptive football team AC Milan on a tour of the emirates, before going back to his American team later next year.

In an official statement, the footballer’s spokespeople said: “David will join up with his Milan teammates later this month for their winter training camp in Dubai. He’ll arrive in the United Arab Emirates along with the rest of the Milan squad … on December 29th.”

The much-loved England player is currently playing with AC Milan in order to keep his hand in (or should that be his foot?) while his usual team LA Galaxy is on its inter-season break.

He is to remain with Milan until March 2009, after which he will return to the US.

People who like spotting football players on their holidays could also keep an eye out for Steven Gerrard.

The Liverpool midfielder was recently given a holiday home in Dubai in return for a businessman in the emirates naming a tower block after him.

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