Wedding holidays ‘on the up’

An increasing number of couples are choosing to get married abroad, combining the ceremony with a holiday in a bid to save money.

Research carried out by Mintel found that one in six couples is opting to do this as the cost of a wedding in the UK spirals.

While nuptials held in Britain can cost anything up to £20,000 once the cake, the flowers and the reception are factored in, the average wedding abroad costs as little as £6,500.

Taking this into account, is it any wonder that 51,300 loved-up couples – an increase of 43 per cent since 2003 – headed into the sunshine to tie the knot?

The organisation found that Cyprus was the most popular location for a foreign wedding, but that other, more unusual locations are also being chosen.

This included Lapland, perhaps for couples wanting Father Christmas as their witness.

A consistently popular option was the Caribbean, which was the dream location for many of the betrothed.

Less stringent regulations in recent years have meant that getting married in the Caribbean is now easier, with couples only needing to have been resident on some islands for three days before they can get a licence, Definitive Caribbean reports.

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