We’ll give up anything for our holidays

It seems you may see quite a few skinny, scruffy people with blisters on their feet while on your holidays this year.

No, we’re not expecting outbreaks of any nasty diseases around prominent tourist areas – it’s just that this is what people in Britain seem to be willing to risk in order to get away on their travels.

A poll carried out by VisitBritain discovered that 80 per cent of people intend to cut down on the amount of food they purchase at the supermarket so that they have more money to spend on their holidays.

Furthermore, 67 per cent of respondents said they will stop buying new clothes while 74 per cent aim to spend less on filling up their cars.

Many said that this is because they see a holiday abroad as an essential stress-buster, away from the pressures of work.

VisitBritain spokesperson Mike Bedingfield said: “As the research shows we are reluctant to give up the holidays that are an increasingly important part of our lives.”

To avoid having to give up too much, holidaymakers may wish to take the advice of Tom Hall, editor of the Lonely Planet books, who recently said that people are likely to get the best value if they head out to mid or long haul destinations such as Dubai, Thailand or South Africa, which are outside the eurozone.

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