28% of Brits will be holiday-ready by the end of February

As worries about the recession, bank bailouts and more shops going bust continue to drag on into 2009, it seems many Brits are eager to get away from it all with a holiday.

A poll carried out by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance has discovered that almost 13 million people will have their holidays all sorted by the end of February – amounting to 28 per cent of the adult population.

Collectively, this means £8.5 billion will have been spent on holidays between Christmas and next month, with the average person spending just over £881.

Perhaps due to the property and retail sector, people in London were the most keen to escape to foreign climes, with 35 per cent of people in the capital likely to finalise their travel plans soon.

Sam Marrs, Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance manager, said: “It’s really encouraging to see that people are still planning to get away despite the credit crunch, which just shows the importance of a holiday to the British public.”

Indeed, another recent poll by the Association of British Travel Agents found that six million people in Britain will have booked their summer holidays by the end of this month.

We can visualise golden sands and sunshine already…

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