4m hope to escape into the sun

Over four million people from the UK hope to escape from the dreary weather on an extended break in the coming weeks, it has emerged.

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance found that a total of 4.79 million people will spend more than a month away from home soon, with most people citing visiting friends or family members as their main reason for doing so.

Those aged over 55 were most likely to want to get away, perhaps to escape from the winter weather and sky-high heating bills.

Meanwhile, those aged under 24 were the demographic most likely to be jetting off as part of a gap year.

In related news, a Holiday Value Report published by the Association of British Travel Agents has found that 50 per cent of people consider a holiday as particularly important in the credit crunch, while 66 per cent went so far as to say that a trip abroad gives them an emotional high.

Not only this, but many people said they consider a holiday as more important than a pay rise in terms of the benefits it offers to their mental health.

“Having something to look forward to like a holiday often helps us focus more on current tasks,” said psychotherapist and life coach Christine Webber.

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