Adventure-loving families ‘should head to Borneo’

Borneo and the state of Sabah in particular, makes a great destination for a family adventure holiday, one famous face has said.

Newsreader Fiona Bruce wrote in an article for the Telegraph that she recently returned to the island with her family after having been there in the backpacking days of her youth.

She said that she had a fantastic time, as did her children, who were thrilled at the range of exciting things to do.

The family enjoyed a sail down the Klias River looking for proboscis monkeys – Borneo is the only place they can be found in their natural habitat – as well as fireflies, which lit up the trees when the sun went down.

Bruce said that the highlight of the children’s trip was probably the visit to the orangutan sanctuary. Here, they were allowed to carry out the ranger’s jobs, which included preparing fruit drinks for the baby animals.

However, the newsreader herself said her favourite bit was the visit to a tribal longhouse where headhunters used to live – the hut still has mummified heads on show, but she assures us that it’s perfectly safe these days!

Bruce concluded that Borneo was “spot on” for a family holiday destination with a difference.

People going on holidays to Borneo could consider a volunteer break – new research from York University suggests that the nation’s insects are beginning to be affected by global warming.

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