Are you ‘sunticipating’ you summer holiday?

Having a summer holiday all booked and ready makes British workers more productive because they get a high off the fact that they have something to look forward to.

This is according to Association of British Travel Agents spokesperson Frances Tuke, who coined the phrase ‘sunticipation’ to describe this phenomenon and said that it is not really surprising given the long hours that Brits work for the other 48 or so weeks of the year.

“People need holidays to take a break from the pressure but also spend valuable time with their loved ones and families,” she commented.

The expert added that holidays are so important to us Brits that they rank higher than things such as new cars when it comes to putting money aside.

Indeed, a poll carried out by London and VisitBritain recently found that 80 per cent of respondents would cut down the amount of food they buy in order to conserve money for holidays.

New York City could be a good place to go for a summer break. Jonathan Sloane, communications director at NYC & Company said that while the exchange rate has dropped from the ‘honeymoon’ levels seen last summer, it is still a good value destination, especially when it comes to shopping across the pond.

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