Brits ‘spend a whole day’ looking for holiday deals

Good value is so important for Britons looking for holidays this year that they are prepared to trawl the internet for a whole day in order to find deals.

This is according to research from, which discovered that a fifth of people from the UK have spent eight hours on the computer sorting out their break.

However, only 17 per cent of people said they put equivalent effort into researching their destination, with eight per cent saying they take reviews from other travellers into account.

James Furse, managing director of, said: “With finances front of mind for many, it’s understandable that getting the best possible deal is a key concern.”

However, he highlighted the fact that more than half of people only spend around 30 minutes organising travel insurance and currency for their destinations and said that people should take more time to consider these vital aspects in order to avoid holiday calamities.

For people looking for good value places to go on holiday, Egypt could be one idea – the country has its own currency so will not be affected for the poor euro.

The north African country was recently voted top in a poll of adventure holiday destinations, iExplore reported.

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