Brits ‘will be more frugal with their holidays’

People in the UK are seeking the best possible value that they can when in comes to their holidays, a new study has revealed.

According to a poll carried out by Alamo Rent A Car, 37 per cent of people spent less on their trips last year than they did in 2007, with flights and accommodation among the lost likely things to downgrade.

However, this increase in frugality did not point to a decrease in holidays in general – in fact, the research highlighted exactly the contrary.

Some 83 per cent took the same number of holidays in 2008 that they would have done if there was no credit crunch.

Meanwhile, 30 per cent said they took three holidays and 34 per cent said they had been on two trips abroad over the last 12 months.

Amy Dorrington, spokesperson for Alamo, remarked: “The foreign vacation remains the expense that people are not prepared to cut back on – even in times of recession. Instead people are becoming savvier about what and how they spend.”

She also pointed out that 91 cent of all the people surveyed went on a holiday abroad last year.

In related news, Jeffrey Glueck of Travelocity recently said that the next big thing for 2009 could be volunteering holidays – the firm found that 13 per cent of respondents aim to participate in such a trip this year.

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