Don’t take your stress on holiday, travellers urged

People going on their holidays soon have been urged not to take their trials and tribulations from home with them if they wish to avoid spending the whole fortnight falling out with their beloved.

Research carried out by found that 60 per cent of us will argue with our partner at least once while on holiday, partly over things that have been brewing since before the plane took off.

Mike Whiting, managing editor of the firm, said people should avoid getting stressed over little things like airport parking and suitcases before they go unless they want a miserable break.

“Relax in preparation for your holiday. Arriving feeling stressed and annoyed is likely to cause tension, when really the most important thing is to enjoy your time away with your family or loved one,” he remarked.

A recent study by dating website found that a quarter of women think their partner is tight-fisted on holiday and should spend more.

Meanwhile, Anthisan bite and sting cream found that sunburn is the issue people are most likely to worry about before they go on holiday, followed by stomach upsets, bad weather, poor hotels and lost luggage.

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