Get organised with your holiday currency, travellers urged

Although you may be used to booking your holidays early and buying bikinis well in advance, one expert has urged Brits to take the same trouble to organise their holiday currency if they want to save money.

While many people book their breaks up to three months in advance, a surprising number leave buying foreign currency until they are about to jet off from the airport, which is likely to prove costly,’s Peter Harrison warned.

Instead, he advised travellers to use cards onto which money can be pre-loaded – such as those from FairFX – or a credit card from Nationwide or the Post Office to save the most cash.

Mr Harrison commented: “Great last-minute deals only apply to holidays, not currency. People need to plan ahead when it comes to their spending money.”

He added that particularly savvy holidaymakers could consider opening up special accounts or credit cards simply to use on their trips.

South Africa was recently found to be a good destination in terms of value for money, according to the Post Office.

Over a million people are expected to have visited Cape Town in the two months up to the end of January as part of the city’s peak travel season.

However, this figure is being boosted by South Africa’s position as 2010 World Cup host.

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