How to avoid becoming a victim of card fraud abroad

If you’re one of the millions of Britons who have already booked your summer holidays, chances are you’ve already thought about how much currency to take and what clothes you need to buy.

However, when it gets closer to the day of departure, one expert has said that staying aware and avoiding becoming a victim of fraud should also be at the forefront of holidaymakers’ minds.

Tim Pie, a spokesperson for HSBC, pointed out that people are naturally more relaxed during their holidays, but that this could lead them to become more vulnerable to having their PIN stolen, for example, at cash machines and in restaurants.

He urged Britons to make sure they keep their credit and debit cards and their corresponding numbers apart, as well as taking traveller’s cheques to use in case an emergency does occur.

Price comparison site also recently issued a warning about credit and debit cards after finding that only 31 per cent of people notify their bank about forthcoming trips.

This led to one in nine people having transactions refused after their bank thought they were fraudulent.

People going on holidays to Dubai could find this advice particularly useful, since the city’s annual shopping festival is currently going on there.

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