Luxury holidays ‘will still be popular’

People will continue to take luxury holidays during 2009, meaning that this sector will not be badly affected by the economic downturn.

This is according to the recent ITB World Travel Trends report, which showed that while people will still want to look for good deals while they can, those who had planned luxury holidays will still go on them.

Speaking at a recent conference, industry spokesperson Ted Wake said that the late bookings market is also looking “buoyant”.

The news follows recent research carried out by VisitBritain, which found that people are cutting back on spending in their everyday lives in order to save up more cash for their break.

The poll found that 80 per cent of people intend to cut down on the amount of food they purchase at the supermarket while 67 per cent of respondents said they will stop buying new clothes and 74 per cent aim to spend less on filling up their cars.

For anyone looking for an ideal destination for a luxury holiday, St Lucia could be the answer.

The Caribbean island is enjoying plenty of publicity at the moment while singer Amy Winehouse holidays there.

It was reported today (January 22nd) that she had turned lifeguard on the beach after a fellow traveller was cut in a minor boating accident.

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