Not buying holiday insurance ‘is short-sighted-

Although it may seem tempting to avoid spending that extra £50 or so, British people going on holiday have been warned that neglecting to buy travel insurance could be a costly mistake.

James Furze, managing director of financial services company, stressed that doing so would be to take “a very short-sighted view”, especially for people going on winter sports holidays or those who plan to participate in things like white water rafting.

“People tend to see it as a grudging purchase which is why a concerning proportion of travellers don’t take out insurance, but … you want to be protected,” he remarked.

Mr Furze’s comments could be particularly important given recent research by Saga Travel Insurance.

The firm found that people going on holiday during the winter months take an average of £238 more belongings than those who go on summer breaks, which could be an expensive loss should the case go missing.

Meanwhile, when it comes to accidents and injuries, Sainsbury’s recently found that the cost of claims arising from ski and snowboard holidays has risen by 11 per cent since 2007.

Things like air ambulances and repatriation were found to be extremely expensive, which could mean that people who go without insurance run the risk of paying for it themselves if they have an accident.

Don’t do it, people!

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