On your bike for holidays in Cambodia

A mountain bike trip in Cambodia could be the ideal holiday for those looking to try something a little different in 2009, it has been suggested.

The Wildlife Alliance and Asia Adventures have put together itineraries in the south Asian country that will allow tourists to experience a fun holiday, while having the satisfaction of giving something back to the communities being visited.

Trails that will be followed are guided by former illegal loggers and poachers in an effort to create a sustainable tourist industry, rather than simply relying on exploiting the country’s natural resources.

Attractions that can be seen along the routes include bat caves, waterfalls, ancient burial urns and perhaps even elephants.

Mark Ellison, managing director of Asia Adventures, commented: “If people coming here to mountain bike helps protect this beautiful environment by offering poor loggers and poachers alternative employment such as guides, that is excellent, a win-win for all.”

According to official figures from Cambodia‘s ministry of tourism, 1.89 million people visited the country from January to November 2008, an increase of over seven per cent on 2007’s figures.

The popular destination of Phnom Penh brought in almost half of the total visitor numbers, it was found.

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