Organise visas ‘well in advance’ of holidays

Travellers going on holidays soon have been warned that they need to get their travel documents such as visas and passports organised well in advance of their trip.

Although many people leave this until the few days before they jet off into the sun, Peter Smith of said adopting this approach means people run the risk of not being able to go at all if they are declined, since there will be no time left to correct the problem.

He added that this also puts things like travel cover in jeopardy.

“Your travel insurance will not support you if your visa has been declined. You won’t get a payout if you can’t travel due to your visa being declined,” the expert stressed.

The same firm also recently found that ten per cent of people do not know how long their passport has left to run.

This news could be particularly pertinent for people going on holidays to Goa and other Indian resorts, since tourists will require a visa to enter.

Requirements for this document include a complete passport with six months until the expiry date, the correct fee (see the Indian High Commission website) for details) and a visa application form which can be completed online.

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